IHE Passive Safety Electrical Guide

Electrical requirements for passively safe

ITS roadside installations to BS EN 12767

With the removal of the electrical requirements from the current Passive Safety standard for roadside structures, the Institute of Highway Engineers Passive Safety Electrical guidance document has been produced to assist ITS professionals undertaking the design, specification or management of ITS equipment.

Due to the complexity of cable arrangements found in typical ITS installations such as traffic signals, it is possible to have a mix of cable types with multiple cores for numerous electrical circuits within roadside equipment.

The IHE Passive Safety Electrical Guide examines why Impact Electrical Isolation (IEI) systems should be considered when designing any roadside ITS installation, including those mounted on passively safe or traditional structures. It looks at why an IEI system may be required in addition to standard electrical protective devices, the different types of IEI solutions which are commercially available in the UK, and how the selection of the type of pole and column should influence the IEI technology used.

The IHE Passive Safety Electrical Guide 2021 is currently available for free download from the IHE website in PDF format.

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