Traffic Control

A traffic systems companion to

the DfT Traffic Signs Manual - Chapter 6

ISBN: 8544017110

This book is a comprehensive guide to the issues which surround the design and implementation of traffic signal installations in the UK. Although it was written to act as an informative specialist companion to the Department for Transport. (2019) Chapter 6 of the Traffic Signs Manual – Traffic Control, it can also be used as a standalone in-depth guide to provide a comprehensive reference book on the subject.

This book provides in-depth advice and guidance for practitioners undertaking designs for signalised junctions and crossings. Although the advice in Chapter 6 is limited to roads with a speed limit of 40 mph or less, this book also refers to advice given in the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges for high-speed roads.

All variants of traffic signals are covered, including permanent and temporary installations; crossings for pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians; and also covers Light Rapid Transit, Wig-wags and Lane Control Signals.

Traffic Control is currently available in print from Amazon, it is over 300 pages, with lots of colour photographs to illustrate each topic, along with diagrams and worked examples where relevant. ISBN: 8544017110

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