Traffic Signals

2nd Edition

An introduction to signalised junctions

and crossing facilities in the UK

ISBN: 8546691080

Traffic Signals looks at the way in which modern signals operate and the equipment commonly used in current traffic control systems in the UK. It also looks at how signalised junctions and crossings are designed, explaining the fundamental design principles, and how these are used by modern software modelling tools to predict traffic operation.

Since their first introduction worldwide, at Bridge Street, Westminster in 1868, traffic signals have subsequently developed alongside the rapid growth of motorised traffic during the following years, to attain a complexity unimaginable to the early pioneers in the signal field.

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The 2nd Edition of this book has been updated and includes additional information to reflect developments that have occurred in the sector. This book is intended as an introduction to the subject, please refer to “Traffic Control: A traffic systems companion guide to Chapter 6 of DfT’s Traffic Signs Manual” for more in-depth information and an increased range of topics.

Traffic Signals is currently available in print and Kindle eBook formats from Amazon, it is over 150 pages, with lots of colour photographs to illustrate each topic, along with diagrams and worked examples where relevant. ISBN: 8546691080

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