ITS Standards and Specifications

The design, deployment and use of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) is governed by a range of Standards and Specifications. Our Green List is the only online resource which allows users to easily find all the standards in a single location, with a simple search facility (including topical keywords), and direct links to the actual documents.

Hint - If you know the title of the document you want, enter it in the Title search field. If you know the type of document you want, try entering the series ident in the Specification field (I.E. For equipment specifications this might be the TR, MCH or TOPAS series), or use the Key Words field to find everything that relates to a subject or an item of interest, such as ITS, Traffic Signals, Pedestrian Facilities etc.

An example list of major Key Words and Document Types is provided at the bottom of the page for reference, but if you have a specific search criteria, give it a try!

Also note that the three search fields are linked, which allow you to refine your search (I.E. If you wanted to view Local Transport Notes about cycling, enter LTN in the Specification field and Cycle in the Keyword field).

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Please note that Highways England has changed the URL's for some of the Standards recently, we are currently updating these in the database

Alternatively, click here for a complete pdf listing of all items in our database, with direct links.

Keyword and Document Types examples in the Greenlist database

Keywords - Amongst the plethora of keywords used and being added to the database in an ongoing manner, these examples should make searching for relevant information easier:

ITS, Traffic Signals, Pedestrian Facilities, Cycle, Equestrian, Cattle, Signalised Junctions, Structures, Gantries, Tunnels, SCADA, Loops, Detection, Above Ground, Appraisal, VMS, NMCS, Communications, Installation, Criteria, Installation, Approval, Test, Inspection, Maintenance, Lighting, Design, MOVA, SCOOT, MIDAS, ERT, Telephone, Managed Motorway, ALR, Smart Motorway, Hard Shoulder Running, TTM, Signs, Enforcement, Analysis, UTMC, HADECS, CCTV, Meteorological, Sensor, MS3, MS4, Outstation, Instation, HATMS, COBS, NRTS, CoCo, Ramp Metering, Duct, Cabinet, 600, 609, Key, Box, Plinth, Frame, Setting Out, Step, Alignment, Cable, Termination, Fibre Optic, Post, Label, Fence, Wiring, Hardstanding, Paved, Message Signs, Drawing, Joint, Security, Bollard, TSRGD, PUFFIN, TOUCAN, Bus, Emissions, Specification, Portable, Temporary.

Don't forget, there are many more Key Words used in the database, so don't be afraid to try your own.

Document Types - The Standards and Specifications that govern ITS use in the UK are spread across a number of different organisations and types. Have a look at our ITS Definitions page for a fuller listing.

Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions (TSRGD), Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB), Interim Advice Note (IAN), Local Transport Note (LTN), Traffic Advisory Leaflet (TAL), Traffic Sign Manual (TSM), Equipment Specification (MCE, TR, TOPAS), Specifications (MCF, MCG, TRG, TRH), Instructions (MCH), Manual of Contract Documents for Highway Works (MCHW), Drawings (MCL, MCX, MCY, MCZ).

Use these if you are looking for items in a series, such as Traffic Advisory leaflets, but use the Key Words facility to find items across different document types.

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