MaaS - TSC Report "Exploring the opportunity for MaaS in the UK"

posted on 11 07 2016

The Transport Systems Catapult (TSC) have published a new report on Mobility as a Service (MaaS) - "Exploring the opportunity for Mobility as a Service in the UK".

Several trends identified in the report support future growth of MaaS: consumers are increasingly expecting their transport to be delivered as a 'service'. Adoption of MaaS would also incentivise technological advances around improving journey experiences.

Lucy Yu, Head of Mobility as a Service at the DfT and CCAV, said:

"The idea of buying and selling mobility as a service represents a profound change in the way we think about transportation. Although the market will not transform overnight, clear signs of a shift are already present as well as the possibility for joint value creation across the public and commercial sectors. MaaS offers a compelling opportunity to help local and regional areas meet their policy objectives in relation to the economy, congestion and pollution, as well as a potential means for re-framing how government subsidises and provides public transport services in the future."

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TSC MaaS Report