Paris removes traffic lights to fix congestion and improve safety?

Paris removes traffic lights to fix congestion and improve safety?

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In a move reported to reduce congestion and improve road safety, Paris has begun to remove traffic lights from its streets.

The Mairie has introduced a scheme that sees traffic light junctions replaced with give-way junctions, 30kph (19mph) zones, roundabouts and even the priorité à droite. Anne Souyris, co-president of the Groupe Ècologiste de Paris, told Le Parisien "Studies show that when you get rid of traffic lights at certain junctions drivers' waiting time is halved and there are fewer deaths because drivers have a tendency to slow down". Statistics show that 14 per cent of France's annual road accidents (around 10,000) happen at the country's 30,000 traffic light junctions. The main cause of these accidents is excess speed, while one third are caused by drivers ignoring a red light. On average, 150 people lose their lives and a further 1,200 are injured at traffic lights each year. However, there is no clear indication of how these moves will actually improve safety for vulnerable roadusers such as pedestrians (especially those with mobility issues) and cyclists.

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