Autonomous Trucks That Overcome First/Last Mile Issues

Autonomous Trucks That Overcome First/Last Mile Issues

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An autonomous truck company is using remote control to overcome the issues associated with navigating the first and last mile segments of truck journeys.

Starsky Robotics is currently working on a retro-fit autonomous kit for trucks which has the benefit of remote control to overcome the obstacles associated with trying to navigate complex industrial and commercial surroundings, such as distribution centres and factory complexes. The remote-control system will use real drivers located in a control room (similar to the way in which the USAF control drones worldwide), to take over control during loading to navigate the vehicles to the correct docking bay or location. They will also have the capability to operate the vehicle in the event of an incident occurring. This system offers a neat solution to overcoming one of the biggest hurdles for self-driving vehicles currently, which is correctly identifying access points to properties in digital mapping. Although in the context of highways, current mapping technology can provide excellent levels of accuracy, a huge amount of work is still needed to correctly identify the correct access routes to many properties from their postal/zip code. In addition, to consider the issues of then also expecting vehicles to correctly autonomously navigate around industrial complexes, where geo-location of pick-up or delivery points may not be clearly defined, is probably optimistic at this point.

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