Nissan's Successful Week in London

Nissan's Successful Week in London

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Nissan have concluded a week of testing their self-driving car in London traffic.

The trial is said to be the first to be held in Europe on public highways. The modified 'Leaf' electric model, has been driving on roads near to London City Airport at speeds of up to 50mph, with a mix of single and dual carriageways, traffic lights, roundabouts and pedestrians to cope with. During the course of the week, the company has said that the car has clocked up hundreds of miles with no collisions and only a handful of minor incidents requiring driver intervention. Stuart Jackson from Nissan Europe said "We believe that zero-emission vehicles are the ultimate solution for delivering a smarter, more sustainable future. We also believe that autonomous drive technologies will revolutionise the future of mobility, providing more safety, convenience and driving pleasure for everyone".

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