Uber To Stop Using 'Greyball' To Defeat Regulators

Uber To Stop Using 'Greyball' To Defeat Regulators

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Uber have admitted that use of their 'Greyball' software to evade undercover regulators will cease.

The software tool is used by Uber for a number of reasons, including minimising disruption to services by disgruntled competitors. However, their use of the facility to hide operations from regulators raises a number of questions, which follow on from revelations elsewhere, such as Volkswagen's 'diesel-gate' debacle. The tool, named 'Greyball' identifies users who appear to be government officials or law enforcement officers, and provides them with a dummy screen instead of the regular Uber App, which indicates that there are no vehicles currently available. "We are expressly prohibiting its use to target action by local regulators going forward" said Uber's chief security officer Joe Sullivan.

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