What can Connected Vehicles do for a Local Authority?

What can Connected Vehicles do for a Local Authority?

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The Transport Technology Forum has published a new guide 'Connected Vehicles - What can they do for a UK Local Authority?'

The Department for Transport's (DfT) recent survey of Local Authorities (LAs) highlighted a widespread lack of understanding of what connected vehicles are and the issues which surround them. Connected vehicles rarely feature on LAs' action lists but there is a real need for authorities to understand the opportunities and potential effects, so that investments can be informed and planned. Connected vehicles are an immediate reality, so it is important that they have a place in LAs' short as well as long-term planning. The ways in which they are used and adopted by drivers and network operators is important, not least because the longer-term deployment of autonomous vehicles may rely on connected but self-driven vehicle technology and experiences. DfT is now investing in pilots and trials of co-operative ITS with UK LAs. It is important that the knowledge of these and the results are spread, and this guide introduces these.

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