Driverless Futures: Utopia and Dystopia

Driverless Futures: Utopia and Dystopia

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A new exhibition at the London Transport Museum explores how London might look in the future with self-driving vehicles.

The exhibition highlights the fears of Londoners who believe that whisper-quiet, electric 'robot' cars will take people's jobs, become a hazard to the blind or partially sighted, make people lazier, enable big business to snoop on commuters and kill off high streets as more purchases are delivered by autonomous vans and drones. The visions have been brought to life thanks to illustrations created by Paul Piliste, 26, who graduated from the Royal College of Art Vehicle Design Course at Kensington last year, and who now works for the RCA's Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design in Battersea. "Our team came up with ideas of how London could look, based on RCA public workshop research, then I used 3D modelling and Photoshop to create the images". The exhibition runs until 23 April 2017, and is part of the GATEway (Greenwich Automated Transport Environment) project led by TRL, coincides with new figures revealing that London drivers are more interested in self driving cars than the rest of the UK.

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