Chip Makers and Cars

Chip Makers and Cars

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Bosch has partnered with Nvidia to build an AI-powered self-driving computer intended for mass-market cars.

Following on from Intel's recent acquisition of MobilEye for $15 billion (which has something like 70% of the market to supply integrated cameras, chips and software for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) for premium vehicles), Nvidia has continued its recent partnerships with Audi and Mercedes-Benz with a tie up to Bosch. Although Bosch are known for their diverse product range including home appliances and tools, they are also a leading tier one motor industry supplier. Bosch will build an AI supercomputer designed for use in vehicles using the Nvidia tech, which means Nvidia now has a partner that works with major car makers worldwide. Nvidia's Artificial Intelligence (AI) system uses a deep learning model, which does not depend on specific rules being coded for each individual situation. Instead, it provides the systems with a number of examples from human behaviour, and then the AI can determine on its own what to do in specific scenarios. The mid-step implementation of this tech is Nvidia's AI co-pilot, which will allow the vehicle to work with a human driver to understand where their attention is directed and provide warnings about undetected hazards, as well as read a driver's lips and use audio cues to understand commands regardless of the in-vehicle noise environment.

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