UK ICO Rule Traffic CCTV Not Personal Data

UK ICO Rule Traffic CCTV Not Personal Data

Home / News | posted on 20 03 2017

The UK Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has clarified its position on traffic CCTV video, that it is not classified as personal data.

This could now open the doors for insurers to identify and pursue 'at-fault' parties who cause traffic accidents. With the increase in distracted driver incidents, where accidents occur due to drivers being forced to take evasive action when a party makes a manoeuvre without checking to see if other vehicles might be affected. In these incidents, the victim of the incident can often be pursued wrongly for the costs for repairing items such as the safety barriers because of a lack of evidence. This will undoubtedly have consequences on the way in which the Highways England and local authority CCTV networks are operated.

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