MP's in Unprecedented Bid to Tackle UK Air Pollution

MP's in Unprecedented Bid to Tackle UK Air Pollution

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In an unprecedented move, MP's from four select committees have come together to launch a joint inquiry to tackle air pollution.

Members of the environmental audit committee; environment, food and rural affairs committee; health committee and transport committee will hold four sessions to consider mounting scientific evidence on the health and environmental effects of toxic air. Dr Sarah Wollaston, the health committee chair, said poor air quality was "affecting the health of millions of people across the UK". The government says toxic air causes up to 50,000 early deaths (9,000 of them in the capital), and costs the country £27.5bn each year. Louise Ellman, chair of the transport committee, said the UK economy depends on an "efficient and flexible transport system", but added "emissions from vehicles are a significant problem and the standards that governments have relied on have not delivered the expected reductions. We will be asking what more can be done to increase the use of cleaner vehicles as well as to encourage the use of sustainable modes of transport". This raises obvious questions regarding how ITS infrastructure could more fully contribute to mitigation features to alleviate the issues, particularly during 'peak' pollution events.

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