How your phone could unlock thousands of bikes

How your phone could unlock thousands of bikes

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In China, there are a number of bike rental schemes which allow users to pick-up and drop-off cycles wherever users like.

In an interesting item from the BBC, the use of Smart phone apps to access cycles illustrates a great example of an element for a flexible MaaS implementation. Instead of using dedicated docking stations for the bikes, users simply pick-up or drop-off cycles wherever it is convenient for them. Each bike is fitted with a fixed lock that can be remotely de/activated from an app, by scanning an identity label on the cycle. This allows users more flexibility in using the fleet of bikes, with more than 200,000 to choose from in the city of Shenzhen alone. Their ubiquity, and low cost of use (as low as 15 cents (US$) per hour), result in their popularity.

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