New Transport Security Report

New Transport Security Report

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The Transport Research and Innovation Portal (TRIP) has published a new report on Transport Security.

TRIP provides information for research and innovation in transport across Europe. This latest Research Theme Analysis Report gives an overview of research collated by TRIP with the theme of transport security. The report considers: overall trends in transport security; including key results; overall trends in the funding for transport security research; the alignment of the research with current policy; policy implications of the results from the research; any gaps within the research theme. Although the report includes aviation and maritime, it identifies issues around Cyber Security as being particularly relevant for developments in road transport as emerging technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing and connected vehicles are deployed.

However, as the events in London on the 22nd March showed, our infrastructure is vulnerable to simple, targeted attacks which are hugely difficult to protect against and can cause a huge amount of disruption. As far as ITS is concerned, although there are strategies to counter these occurrences, there is more that could be done to react to events. Although the authorities mobilised quickly, it was still evident that the public in the vicinity were largely unaware of the possible severity of the incident. So how could ITS assist in conveying information? Facilities such as AMBER Alerts can use VMS to display emergency information, however there are often not many of these in urban environments, so how else could critical information be disseminated to the public affected? Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) screens at bus stops and stations are an obvious candidate, but would need co-operation from operators to ensure messages can be deployed readily if needed. Other facilities could even include flashing all traffic signal aspects to make it very clear that there is an incident in the vicinity.

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