Communications Guide for C-ITS

Communications Guide for C-ITS

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The Transport Technology Forum has published a new guide 'Local and Cellular Communications: A guide to help policy development'.

The report details the issues which surround the use of both 5G (the next generation of mobile communications) and G5 (a local beacon technology) for co-operative ITS (C-ITS) applications. Because these technologies are emerging, there is currently uncertainty over their capacity and coverage. It reveals that the requirements for differing tasks results in different communications characteristics, therefore it is probable that multiple technologies should be used. It therefore argues that Government should not choose a "winner" now, that with such rapid technology and business change this would be unwise. Instead, a framework that can adapt to the emerging global mix of ITS applications and the supporting communications should be allowed to develop. The transport safety and efficiency perspective needs to be led by government to inform policy decisions.

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