Uber Resuming Self-driving Programme After Crash

Uber Resuming Self-driving Programme After Crash

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Uber has resumed its pilot programme for driverless cars after an accident in Arizona at the weekend.

The incident occurred in Tempe, Arizona, when a manually driven car failed to yield to the self-driven Uber at an intersection. The crash resulted in Uber's Volvo coming to rest on its side, but the two employees in the car at the time were uninjured. Uber took the precaution to suspend its self-driving operations in Arizona, California and Pittsburgh in order to assess any issues which may have been raised by the incident. Police have subsequently cited the driver of the manually driven car for a moving violation.

This raises a question regarding the possible need to heighten the level of traffic control generally on road networks, during the transition period to automated vehicles. Whilst there is a significant proportion of manually driven vehicles on the road, this type of incident might occur much more frequently because of the attitude of other drivers toward self-driving vehicles.

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