Smart Transport for Australia

Smart Transport for Australia

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ITS Australia have published their 'Smart Transport for Australia' Report, a review of the nation's smart transport technology industry, identifying future opportunities for safer, more efficient and sustainable transport.

The Report leverages off last year's hugely successful ITS World Congress in Melbourne and outlines 43 opportunities to further support the deployment of advanced transport technology in Australia. Brian Negus, President ITS Australia said "The 2016 ITS World Congress in Melbourne benefited the economy by A$25 million. But what are the long term benefits of ITS for Australia? To capture key themes from the Congress and consider future opportunities for the industry, ITS Australia has collaborated with Fivenines Consulting to compile this report. We have taken the opportunity as a result of the rich information gathered to recommend a Pathway Forward to promote the development and adoption of smart technology solutions to improve safety, mobility and sustainability". Themes in the report include: Connected Autonomy, Mobility for Smart Cities, Public Transport/MaaS, Big Data, Freight and Transport Pricing.

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