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Home / News | posted on 11 08 2017 News Roundup looks at a project to reduce air pollution in Leeds, why Smart Cities need Smart Transport infrastructure, an electrified freight highway near Frankfurt, drivers avoid pay by phone parking and the self-driving car with a driver hidden as a car seat.

Significant boost for AV's

Clean Air Zone 'Geofencing' Trial

A trial 'geofencing' project has started in Leeds to assess the effectiveness of triggering hybrid vehicles to switch to zero emissions mode, in response to air pollution events whilst in the city area. Project 'ACCRA' involves a consortium to investigate if geofencing could be used across the UK to help tackle air pollution caused by vehicle emissions. Councillor Lucinda Yeadon, Leeds city council's executive board member with responsibility for environment and sustainability, said "It is great to be supporting this innovative new technology, and looking at how we can best implement it in the city to help reduce air pollution. Improving air quality in Leeds is a huge priority for the council, and we are looking at a number of different initiatives to address the issue".

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Another box on wheels?

Smart Cities Require Smart Transport Infrastructure

In an 'IoT Agenda' thought piece by Laetitia Gazel Anthoine, the underpinning issues around the relentless population growth of major cities in the US on the their aging transportation infrastructure and the need to adopt Smart Cities approaches to overcome their inherent deficiencies are explored. The demand from residents and businesses for civic authorities to use intelligent solutions to tackle the constraints that exist with existing transportation systems is leading for the need to adopt alternative funding streams, such as public-private partnerships, to gain private sector investment into an area which would otherwise stagnate and cause irreparable damage to the daily life of urban areas.

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Musk Concern About Fleet Wide Hack

Electrified Freight Highway

The German state of Hesse has commissioned Siemens to build an overhead contact line (similar to those used by electric trains), on a ten kilometre stretch of the A5 autobahn near Frankfurt Airport. This is the first time the technology has been used on a motorway to power heavy goods vehicles. The trucks which will use the facility are equipped with an intelligent pantograph that allows the vehicles to be directly powered from the overhead power line, but to switch back to hybrid power on roads which are not equipped with the facility. Siemens claim that the system is twice as efficient as internal combustion engines and significantly cutting emissions.

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Worksite Wili

70% of Drivers Avoid Automated Parking Systems

A poll by the AA has found that as many as 70% of drivers will actively avoid parking spaces which use automated phone systems to make payments with. The survey found that pensioners and drivers on low incomes would rather drive on than use these systems. A spokesman for the Local Government Association, representing more than 370 councils in England and Wales, said "Councils offer a variety of ways to pay for parking, and paying by phone can be a quick and convenient way to do so".

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EU says LEDs are safe

Is The Future of Driverless Cars a Guy in a Car Seat Costume?

Reports that a self-driving car was being tested in Arlington, Virginia have turned out to actually consist of a driver hiding in a car seat costume who is driving the vehicle manually. However, instead of being driven by a prankster, it appears to be part of a Virginia Tech Transportation Institute study in to public reaction to driverless vehicles.

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