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The long awaited update to the Traffic Signal Controller Specification Forms, still commonly referred to as 141's, has been released.

New Traffic Signal Controller Forms

New Traffic Signal Controller Forms

The long-awaited update to the Traffic Signal Controller Specification Forms has been released. Traffic signal practitioners use the specification forms to detail the required functionality to customise signal controllers for specific sites.

Although traffic signal controllers tend to be of modular construction, the required functionality for a specific site is achieved by configuring the software used to operate them. Version D of the forms, provide a range of improvements and additional facilities, which reflect the changes which have occurred as equipment technology has developed over recent years.

Using a spreadsheet format, the improvements include reducing duplicate data entry by automating some of the processes, to shorten the time taken and improve consistency. Facilities now increase the number of features for items such as phases and detectors, providing a comprehensive framework with which to specify traffic signal controllers.

The ITSnow.org Green List of Standards and Specifications provides a comprehensive listing for Intelligent Transport Systems in the UK. Use the link below to download a copy of the forms.

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