Requirements for ITS deployments in the UK

ITS Standards

The design, specification and use of Intelligent Transport Systems in the UK (verify specific requirements for devolved authorities in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) are required to comply with a range of requirements, a large proportion of the sources for these are given below. Links are provided to each seperate website for the complete selection of documents provided by each organisation, and where possible, we will be adding direct links to individual items where relevant in an ITS context.

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The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions

This is the legal framework used for signs and roadmarkings in the UK. Traffic signals and indicators fall under this statute.



TSS Plans Registry

Equipment specifications, drawings and procedures

National Highways requirements for ITS infrastructure on the Strategic Road Network, mainly motorways. Requires a log in, but available at no cost.

TSS Plans

TSS Plans Registry Listing

TR1000A - Introduction to the Traffic Systems and Signing Registry

Further documents will be listed here in the near future


Traffic Open Products and Specifications (TOPAS)

Traffic Signals equipment specifications and related procedures

Formerly the National Highways TR2500 series of traffic signal related equipment specifications, independently managed by TOPAS since 2016.


TOPAS Listing

TOPAS2500B Specification for Traffic Signal Controller

TOPAS 2502B Performance Specification for Portable Traffic Signal Control Equipment for use at Roadworks

TOPAS 2503B Performance Specification for Pedestrian Facilities at Temporary Standalone Traffic Signals

TOPAS 2505B Performance Specification for Above Ground Vehicle Detector Systems for use at Traffic Signal Installations

TOPAS 2506A Performance Specification for Above Ground On-Crossing Pedestrian detection Systems

TOPAS 2507A Performance Specification for Kerbside Detection Systems for use with Nearside Signals and Demand Units

TOPAS 2508C Performance Specification for Tactile Equipment for use at Pedestrian Crossings

TOPAS 2509B Performance Specification for Audible Equipment for use at Pedestrian Crossings

TOPAS 2510A Performance Specification for Rising Bollards Control Systems

TOPAS 2511A Performance Specification for Nearside Signal and Demand Units

TOPAS 2512B Performance Specification for Below Ground Vehicle Detection Equipment

TOPAS 2513A Performance Specification for Wig Wag Signal Control Equipment

TOPAS 2514A Performance Specification for Light Control of Tramcars

TOPAS 2515C Performance Specification for Equipment to Detect High and Over-height Vehicles at low structures

TOPAS 2516D Performance Specification for Discontinuous Variable Message Signs

TOPAS 2517B Performance Specification for Electromechanical Variable Message Signs

TOPAS 2522A Remote Monitoring and Control of Traffic Control Equipment via a Telecommunications Network

TOPAS 2523B Traffic Control Equipment Interfacing Specification

TOPAS 2537A Performance Specification for Portable Traffic Signal Control Equipment with Pedestrian Facilities for use at Roadworks

TOPAS 2538A Performance Specification for Portable Traffic Signal Control Equipment for a Stand-alone Pedestrian Facility

TOPAS 2541A Performance Specification for Control Systems for Vehicle Activated Discontinuous Variable Messages

TOPAS 2542A Performance Specification for Non contact pedestrian signal demand equipment

TOPAS 2581A Performance Specification for Pedestrian Countdown Units for use at Traffic Signals


The Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB)

An Overview Of Major Technologies Used To Control And Manage The Highway Network

National Highways specifications and procedures for the design, construction and maintenance of all aspects of the Strategic Road Network. Also used by local highway authorities for high-speed roads and some aspects of urban infrastructure.



Standards for Highways (DfT)

A range of Highway related requirements

These include Contract for Works (MCHW), Interim Advice Notes (IANs) and Technology Management and Maintenance Manual (TMMM)



Local Transport Notes (DfT)

Traffic management guidance for local authorities

Local transport notes (LTNs) summarise the latest and most important ideas about traffic management issues and provide guidance for local authorities.



Traffic Advisory Leaflets (DfT)

Information leaflets about using traffic equipment

Traffic advisory leaflets (TALs) provide information and guidance for using traffic equipment and implementing traffic regulations and policies.


Traffic Advisory Leaflets Listing

TAL 1/16 - The Influence of Bollards on Pedestrian Evacuation Flow

TAL 1/15 - Variable Message Signs

TAL 1/14 - Quick Guide to Temporary White on Red Signs

TAL 2/14 - Using the Core and Vac Technique at Road Works

TAL 3/14 - Using Hydraulically Bound Mixtures at Road Works

TAL 4/14 - Using Cementitious Mixtures at Road Works

TAL 5/14 - Using Temporary Backfill at Road Works

TAL 6/14 - Using Road Plates at Road Works

TAL 7/14 - Mapping Underground Assets

TAL 8/14 - Extended Working Hours at Road Works

TAL 2/13 - Bollards and Pedestrian Movements

TAL 3/13 - Traffic Bollards and Low-Level Signs

TAL 1/12 - TSRGD (Amendment No.2) 2011

TAL 1/11 - Vehicle Security Barriers within the Streetscape

TAL 2/11 - Portable Traffic Signals for the Control of Vehicular Traffic

TAL 3/11 - Signal-Controlled Pedestrian Facilities at Portable Traffic Signals

TAL 4/11 - Temporary Traffic Signs for Special Events

TAL 5/11 - Quality Audit

TAL 1/09 - Compact MOVA

TAL 2/09 - Integration of Pedestrian Traffic Signal Control within SCOOT-UTC Systems

TAL 1/07 - Emergency Services Traffic Calming Schemes

TAL 2/07 - The Use of Bus Lanes by Motorcycles

TAL 2/06 - Speed Assessment Framework

TAL 3/06 - High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes

TAL 1/05 - Rumblewave Surfacing

TAL 2/05 - Traffic Calming Bibliography

TAL 3/05 - Cycling Bibliography

TAL 4/05 - Walking Bibliography

TAL 5/05 - Part 1 - Pedestrian Facilities at Signal - Controlled Junctions

TAL 5/05 - Part 2 - Pedestrian Facilities at Signal - Controlled Junctions

TAL 5/05 - Part 3 - Pedestrian Facilities at Signal - Controlled Junctions

TAL 5/05 - Part 4 - Pedestrian Facilities at Signal - Controlled Junctions

TAL 6/05 - Traditional Direction Signs

TAL 2/03 - Signal-control at Junctions on High-speed Roads

TAL 3/03 - Equestrian Crossings

TAL 6/03 - Managing the Accidental Obstruction of the Railway by Road Vehicles

Further documents will be listed here in the near future

Traffic Advisory Leaflets - Local Authority Introduction to ITS

ITS 1/06 - Understanding Benefits and Costs - A Toolkit Approach (later version)

ITS 1/05 - Understanding Benefits and Costs - A Toolkit Approach

ITS 1/03 - ITS in Local Government

ITS 2/03 - What Can ITS Deliver - The Benefits of Investing in ITS

ITS 3/03 - Integrated Systems - A Generic Approach

ITS 4/03 - Parking Guidance and Information

ITS 5/03 - Public Transport Priority

ITS 6/03 - Access Control

ITS 7/03 - Public Transport Information

ITS 8/03 - Traffic and Traveller Information Services

ITS 9/03 - Community Transport

ITS 10/03 - Freight Management

ITS 11/03 - ITS in Bristol – VIVALDI

ITS 12/03 - Lincoln – InterConnect

ITS 13/03 - Leicester - Star Trak


Traffic Signs Manual

Guidance for traffic authorities on the use of traffic signs and road markings

Signs and road markings related requirements, also includes traffic signals etc, refer to Chapter 6 and our publication Traffic Control - A traffic systems companion to the DfT Traffic Signs Manual - Chapter 6



General Guidance (DfT)

General guidance from DfT

A range of general guidance documents from the Department for Transport (DfT).