Chevrolet Offer Unlimited Data Plan with Cars

Chevrolet Offer Unlimited Data Plan with Cars

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Chevrolet has become the first carmaker to offer an unlimited data plan with its cars.

The deal, for a 4G LTE data plan, applies to cars sold in the US from 3 March and will cost $20 (£16) a month. It is being offered with the help of US carrier OnStar and will see vehicles fitted with a wi-fi hotspot that connects to the web via LTE. Figures gathered by Chevrolet suggest the amount of data used via wi-fi in its cars jumped by 200% last year. Elsewhere, Ford has announced a deal with Vodafone to include 4G hotspots in vehicles across Europe. With connectivity being driven by consumer demand for wifi access, how long will it be before all new cars can benefit from having a data pathway for Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2X) requirements built in?

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