Predicted Impacts of Autonomous Vehicles

Predicted Impacts of Autonomous Vehicles

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What impact will the introduction of autonomous vehicles have on society?

In an interesting thought piece for Futurist Speaker, Thomas Frey postulates that the introduction of self-driving vehicles will have profound implications across the whole of society in ways in which might not be immediately obvious. Although many people have pointed to the envisaged safety benefits that autonomous vehicles will bring, along with environmental improvements due to reducing the size of the vehicle fleet on the road and using cleaner technologies such as electric vehicles. However, Frey offers 25 predictions, which provide an insight to a variety of issues, ranging from positive impacts such as environmental benefits, cost benefits to users, crime reduction, free-up valuable downtown real estate through to negative issues like reductions in tax revenues and fines for driving violations, wholesale job losses for professional drivers and in support industries due to a reduction in the overall number of vehicles on the road.

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