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ITS Now exists to provide information and educational resources about Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), and should be of interest to technology practitioners in highways and mobility, along with people working in other engineering disciplines and for anyone who has an interest in transport generally. Resources include our YouTube channel, original books and articles on a broad range of related topics

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What is ITS?
Ever wondered what Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are?

Despite sounding like a futuristic mode of transport, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are actually technologies and systems associated with the management, operation and use of a broad range of transport modes and their inter-relationship with other infrastructure.

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Introduction to Roadside Technology
An Overview Of Major Technologies Used To Control And Manage The Highway Network

Technologies have been used for many years to passively monitor activity on the highway, however over the years additional features have been added to assist in actively managing traffic, these range from informing users about current conditions, so that they can make their own decisions, such as automatically warning drivers of incidents using roadside variable message signs, through to compelling users to modify their driving, such as by implementing variable speed limits or by using enforcement cameras etc.

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Carbon Conundrum
Despite lots of work to make our ITS installations more energy efficient, we will need to do more in order to attain Carbon Neutral or Net Zero credentials for these.

Over the past decade, technology manufacturers have made great strides in reducing the energy consumption of ITS equipment, the switch to modern electronics and LEDs has had a transformative impact on electrical consumption of installations, with many types achieving 80% savings when compared to traditional equipment.

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Climate Resilience
We are now witnessing the effect that global warming is having on the environment, with very diverse climatic events impacting the daily lives of people around the world.

This article examins the issues posed by the climate emergency for the deployment and operation of ITS equipment, with particular focus on the following areas: Appropriateness of traditional ITS platforms and equipment in a changing technology climate; Carbon Reduction in the construction and operation of equipment; Resilience to extreme natural events.



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