Passive Safety and ITS Structures

S01 E011 - In this car crash of an episode, ITS Now will be looking at the issues that Passively Safe Roadside Structures pose for ITS infrastructure.

ITS and Smart Cities

S01 E010 - In this episode of ITS Now, could Intelligent Transport Systems Infrastructure, such as UTC/UTMC systems, play a pivotal role in the establishment and development of Smart Cities? With extensive traffic systems deployed across our urban areas, could our traffic systems provide a valuable means to establish these new methods to manage our cities?

Ethics and Privacy

S01 E009 - In this episode of ITS Now, we will be looking at how the ever growing volume of data in the mobility sector could pose both privacy and ethical dilemmas for systems owners and the possible impact this could have on users.

Climate Resilience

S01 E008 - How do you make ITS equipment resilient to extreme and changing weather conditions? In this episode of ITS Now, we look at the issues facing the design and specification of ITS infrastructure in the face of the evolving mobility technology landscape in the context of the climate emergency and the impact that extreme weather conditions have on ITS equipment in the field.

Traffex 2022 & ITS Now Innovation Awards

S01 E007 - In this episode of ITS Now, we have a Special Edition, filmed at Traffex 2022, where we look at some of the highlights from the show. If you missed Traffex or if you want to see what caught our eye at the event, then make sure to watch! Also in the episode are the ITS Now Traffex 2022 Innovation Awards.

Nodes of Opportunity

S01 E006 - With the connected and distributed nature of Intelligent Transport Systems deployments across the road network, the issues raised by the emergence of Connected Vehicles, Smart Cities and in response to the Climate Emergency, result in an interesting opportunity for traffic systems to play a pivotal role in the data-centric world.

Smart Motorways

S01 E005 - In this episode of ITS Now we’ll be looking at the contentious issue of Smart Motorways. In recent years, Smart Motorways have had unprecedented levels of press coverage, but what are Smart Motorways and how do they work? Did you know that there is more than one type of Smart Motorway?

The History of Traffic Signals

S01 E004 - In this episode of ITS Now we’ll be looking at the history of traffic signals, which go back a lot further than most people realise! We are looking at this because it really is where Intelligent Transport Systems emanate from.

What is ITS?

S01 E003 - Ever wondered what Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are? In this episode of ITS Now, we look at what Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are and the types of applications these are typically used for in a highway context.