Traffic Signals Principles

This series provides detailed guidance for the first principles used when undertaking the design and specification of traffic signal installations.

Part 1 - Phases and Stages

In the first of our Traffic Signals principles series, we look at the basic elements associated with 'phases' and 'stages' in traffic signal control.

Part 2 - Conflicts and Inter-greens

In the second of our Traffic Signals principles series, we look at the Inter-stage period, particularly the safety critical elements of 'Conflicts' and 'Inter-greens'.

Part 3 - Saturation and Capacity

In the third of our Traffic Signals principles series, we look at the first-principles for the calculations required to determine both the time and space requirements to accommodate the required traffic flow in each lane of each approach to a set of traffic signals.

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Traffic Signals Principles

More episodes to come in Season 2 of ITS Now

ITS History Series

This provides a surprisingly long history of using technologies to manage traffic on our roads.

The History of Traffic Signals

Although the first traffic signal installation in 1868 predates the introduction of motorised vehicles, the technologies adopted for their use go back much further. We are looking at this because it really is where Intelligent Transport Systems emanate from.

The History of Detection

The history of detection facilities used by ITS infrastructure started in the 1920's. The surprising way in which the advent of both vehicular and pedestrian detection started and progressed over the years provides an insight to how the use of our highways has developed over the last hundred years.

ITS Educational Series

This educational series provides an introduction to Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and the technologies used to manage traffic flow.

What is ITS?

We look at what Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are and the types of applications these are typically used for in a highway context.

Introduction to Roadside Technology

An introduction to roadside technologies used in Intelligent Transport Systems infrastructure. It will give an overview of major technologies used to control and manage the highway network.

Smart Motorways

In recent years, Smart Motorways have had unprecedented levels of press coverage, but what are Smart Motorways and how do they work?

Car Crash!

A short video showing test crashes of vehicles with typical roadside structures.

Technology Insight Series

In this series, we look at a wide range of different technologies used in ITS applications.

Inductive Loops

Have you ever wondered how these work and how they are installed? Inductive Loops are used to make traffic signals change, to automatically sense when there's a traffic snarl up and to count vehicles to let operators know how busy a road is.

Push Button Units

We look at the ubiquitous Pedestrian Push Button unit, find out how these work and some of the hidden features you may not be familiar with!

Signal Bags

Have you ever considered what happens when you have to switch off safety critical ITS infrastructure, specifically looking at traffic signals, and the mitigation features required to do this. How do you maintain both user and operative safety? We look at a new innovation which makes this process both quicker and safer to implement.

Message Signs

Are you familiar with the different types of electronic message signs, including Vehicle Activated, Warning and Full Matrix Signs? These are one of the most popular ways of warning or informing drivers about issues or road conditions.

ITS Thought Leadership

The Thought Leadership series provides insight to a range of topic issues which surround the ITS sector.

The Carbon Conundrum

Despite lots of work to make our ITS installations more energy efficient, we will need to do more in order to attain Carbon Neutral or Net Zero credentials for these in the near future. In this episode, we look at a number of next steps we can take to achieve these goals.

Climate Resilience

How do you make ITS equipment resilient to extreme and changing weather conditions? In this episode of ITS Now, we look at the issues facing the design and specification of ITS infrastructure in the face of the evolving mobility technology landscape in the context of the climate emergency and the impact that extreme weather conditions have on ITS equipment in the field.

Nodes of Opportunity

With the connected and distributed nature of Intelligent Transport Systems deployments across the road network, the issues raised by the emergence of Connected Vehicles, Smart Cities and in response to the Climate Emergency, result in an interesting opportunity for traffic systems to play a pivotal role in the data-centric world.

Ethics and Privacy

The ever growing volume of data in the mobility sector could pose both privacy and ethical dilemmas for systems owners and have an impact on users.

ITS and Smart Cities

Could Intelligent Transport Systems Infrastructure, such as UTC/UTMC systems, play a pivotal role in the establishment and development of Smart Cities? With extensive traffic systems deployed across our urban areas, could our traffic systems provide a valuable means to establish these new methods to manage our cities?

Passive Safety and ITS Structures

Find out about the issues Passively Safe Roadside Structures pose for ITS infrastructure, includes footage from the 2022 Passive Safety Crash Demonstration Day.

ITS and Active Travel Modes

Could Intelligent Transport Systems be used to support Active Transport modes, such as walking and cycling, in our busy urban areas, where vehicular congestion on our streets are pushing capacity to the limit.

Motorway Evolution

How might motorways evolve in coming years in response to both the climate emergency and the emergence of connected vehicles? We’ll look at how Intelligent Transport Systems infrastructure may transform these beyond Smart Motorways.

ITS Events

Coverage from ITS related conferences and exhibitions.

Highways UK 2022

Highlights of the very busy Highways UK 2022Exhibition and Conference, that was held at the National Exhibition Centre near Birmingham.

JCT Symposium 2022

See some of the highlights from the 2022 JCT Symposium at Nottingham Trent University. In its 27th year, the symposium's nearly 300 delegates watched 25 papers being presented over the two days of the conference. Find out Alistair's thoughts on the emerging trends in this episode.

Highways UK 2022

See our highlights of the very busy Highways UK 2022 Exhibition and Conference, that was held at the National Exhibition Centre near Birmingham.

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ITS Events

If you would like Alistair Gollop to speak or chair at your conference, please get in contact. More episodes to come in Season 2 of ITS Now.