The @ITSNow Innovation Awards

The @ITSNow Innovation Awards started in 2022, to recognise organisations that undertake developments which push the capabilities of Intelligent Transport Infrastructure in the operation and management of the road network.

These awards not only look at new and exciting technology systems and equipment, but also consider a wide range of ancilliary aspects that support the operation of ITS infrastructure as a whole.


The winner of the 2023 @ITS Now Innovation Award - The Yunex Traffic, Fusion Urban Traffic Control system. This moves forward from the existing capabilities used by the majority of highway authorities in the UK, and is currently being trialled in London and Hampshire, and is due for general release later this year. The importance of this new UTC platform cannot be understated, it is as big a development as SCOOT was when it was first introduced by TrL in the 1970s.

2nd Place - Traffic Group Signals, Metro temporary traffic signal, and in particular the software configuration for this, which is a very sophisticated and capable package.

3rd Place - PTC 3 traffic signal controller from Swarco. This includes a very capable technology platform which features a number of innovations.

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The winner of the 2022 @ITS Now Innovation Award - The AGD Systems - AGD650 AI detector. This integrates Artificial Intelligence within an above ground detector to provide enhanced capabilities, including the reliable classification of different classes of vehicular traffic and active users. This optical based technology works with both moving and stationary targets, and retains compatibility with existing traffic signal equipment, with everything housed in the above ground detector.

2nd Place - NAL - LIFTlock, a simple but effective way to open access chamber lids, a great example of innovation to overcome an age-old problem.

3rd Place - Liveable Cities - SmartLinx Smart City Sensors . A range of sensors which can be installed into street lighting luminaires using the lighting controller to add capabilities including CCTV and noise monitoring, whilst still switching lighting as required.

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