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Welcome to the new look website

“We have been really busy with the publication of two new books and a new edition of a third, so to celebrate this landmark event we have re-built the website from scratch.

There will be a lot of new resources being added to the site over the next couple of months so please check back to stay up-to-date.

As an example for this, we have already included an extensive Standards listing in the Resources section, with direct links to a growing number of documents direct from one source, so if you need to check a standard, even if you are out on site, use this easy to use listing to find what you need quickly.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions for the site or any queries about ITS.”

What's been happening in ITS recently?

In this section, we highlight ITS related developments and news which you may find of interest:

  • In response to the controversy caused by National Highways assessment of safety on All Lane Running Motorways, Secretary of State for Transport, Grant Shapps commissioned an independent report by The Office of Rail and Road report, titled "Quality Assurance of All Lane Running Motorway data". This has concluded that the National Highways analysis and reporting about incidents on All Lane Running (ALR) Smart Motorways was accurate, "We found no errors in underlying calculations and the comparisons about the relative safety of ALR motorways were made in an appropriate way". It has though made some recommendations about how this controversial topic should be engaged in future.
  • The importance of technology on the highway network has been highlighted by the recent 'Digital Roads' announcement from National Highways in England. Their 'Digital Roads' initiative "will harness data, technology and connectivity to improve the way the Strategic Road Network (SRN) is designed, built, operated and used. This will enable safer journeys, faster delivery and an enhanced customer experience for all. Our vision and ambition for Digital Roads are aligned to achieving these outcomes". The associated introduction and vision documents can be downloaded from these links.

Books and resources you may find useful

Have a look in our Publication page for a full listing of books which we have produced

Traffic Control

A traffic systems companion to the DfT Traffic Signs Manual - Chapter 6

This book is a comprehensive guide to the issues which surround the design and implementation of traffic signal installations in the UK. Although it was written to act as an informative specialist companion to the Department for Transport. (2019) Chapter 6 of the Traffic Signs Manual – Traffic Control, it can also be used as a standalone in-depth guide to provide a comprehensive reference book on the subject.


Traffic Signals

2nd Edition - An introduction to signalised junctions and crossing facilities in the UK

This new edition has been updated and includes additional information to reflect developments that have occurred in the sector. This book is intended as an introduction to the subject of Traffic Signals in the UK. It includes lots of colour photographs to illustrate each topic, along with diagrams and worked examples where relevant.



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