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Traffic Control

A traffic systems companion to the DfT Traffic Signs Manual - Chapter 6

This book is a comprehensive guide to the issues which surround the design and implementation of traffic signal installations in the UK. Although it was written to act as an informative specialist companion to the Department for Transport. (2019) Chapter 6 of the Traffic Signs Manual – Traffic Control, it can also be used as a standalone in-depth guide to provide a comprehensive reference book on the subject.


Traffic Signals

2nd Edition - An introduction to signalised junctions and crossing facilities in the UK

This new edition has been updated and includes additional information to reflect developments that have occurred in the sector. This book is intended as an introduction to the subject of Traffic Signals in the UK. It includes lots of colour photographs to illustrate each topic, along with diagrams and worked examples where relevant.


IHE Passive Safety Electrical Guide

Electrical requirements for passively safe ITS roadside installations to BS EN 12767

The necessity for this guidance document has been heightened due to changes in the 2019 version of the BS EN 12767 standard, which includes the removal of electrical requirements from the National Annex. Due to the complexity of cable arrangements found in typical ITS installations such as traffic signals, this omission poses potential problems to practitioners undertaking the design, specification or management of ITS equipment.


COMING SOON - Traffic Signal Controller Specification Forms

ITS1827D Forms, commonly referred to as 141's, used to specify the required functionality of TSCs

The configuration requirements for Traffic Signal Controllers are specified using these forms to achieve the hardware and software customisation for specific site functionality.